Hello dear reader!

Let’s get acquainted. I am Evgeny Krestyanov and this is my wonderful and effective team of the KRESTYANOV Magazine. We are all motivated and charged with the idea of making this world a better and more beautiful world. And today we would like to share with you our immediate plans and tell a little about our magazine.


KRESTYANOV Magazine is not only a magazine, but a developing and modern Internet portal that allows you to immerse yourself in useful and interesting content. Our main concept is the image of a stylish, educated modern person who can appreciate beauty. Leading a healthy lifestyle and able to make independent decisions. The content of our magazine will be of interest to everyone and is not gender-specific. One of the main tasks that we have set ourselves is to tell our readers the stories of talented and interesting people around us in everyday life.

Girlfriends of our magazine

We are all spinning in the frantic rhythm of this life. We are constantly in a hurry somewhere and sometimes do not notice the things and people that surround us. The section with the girlfriends of the magazine will tell you about beautiful girls who may be living in the next house, whom you may not have noticed in the bustle of this frantic rhythm during your walk yesterday or on public transport late for work.

Immediate plans

We have a lot of ideas and plans. But I think it is worth highlighting the three closest events separately:

  • First of all, the opening of our branded online store, where you can buy many interesting and useful goods personally from the bear.
  • Already this summer, it is planned to launch an additional section of the magazine by subscription, which will include all of our unique content filmed.
  • And of course, do not forget about the start of our permanent competition among our wonderful girlfriends, where the winner will become the face of our magazine for the coming year.

In conclusion, I would like to note the great work done by our team. Friends, thank you, we are great! We are also always glad to new faces and members of our growing magazine family. We are always open to new interesting ideas, friends and partners. Now we can firmly state that we have reached our starting point and can begin our long journey of a lifetime.


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