Nowadays, the topic of body beauty and health has become very popular. A huge number of people of completely different ages visit sports clubs, work out muscles on simulators, sweat on treadmills, swim in pools, run in parks, etc. And the same number of people would like to do fitness, get their bodies in good shape, lose weight or vice versa, gain weight, but do not know where to start.

Let’s figure it out!

In fact, everything turns out to be not so difficult. And I will gladly share my story with you.
My desire to join the ranks of the elastic and fit began 3 months after the birth of my son. I stood in the corridor in my underwear, and with horror looked at my flabby body with a flat ass and a saggy belly in the mirror. There was only one thought in my head: «something needs to be done urgently with this disgrace!»

I clearly understood that if I do not solve this issue now, then I will never solve it! Like most young mothers, I had little free time and opportunities. I could not go to the gym, there was no one to leave the baby with. Plus every three hours breastfeeding. There was only one option — to study at home.

The question is … where to start?

Fortunately, there is the Internet. In it, I found a description and video of the technique for performing basic exercises. Now it will not be difficult. The most accessible is YouTube and Instagram. Various athletes and bloggers post videos of their workouts and exercise complexes. I just had to figure out what exactly would suit me. Of course, ideally, determine your body type. But at that moment it could not even occur to me. I just knew that I had fat instead of muscle, lack of stamina and very little free time. After reading another article on the Internet about what kind of training there are, my choice fell on circular. This is when a series of exercises is performed from the first to the last without interruption. Rest only at the end of the circle for just a couple of minutes, and all over again. In addition, these workouts can be 30-40 minutes long. in duration, but they are so energy-consuming that this will be enough. There are a lot of videos of such workouts on YouTube. Choose any.

I was highly motivated. In June I was going to go to Bulgaria for 2 months .. to put on a swimsuit should not be ashamed!

I started practicing every day. I found 30-40 minutes for training when the child slept during the day. In parallel, I read various information on the Internet about nutrition. Of course, I did not understand how to correctly count proteins, fats and carbohydrates. I just knew that I needed to spend more calories than eat, limit sweets and starchy foods, eat 4-5 times a day, not eat three hours before bedtime. And it worked wonderfully. Time after time, my disobedient weak body grew stronger and more enduring. Fat changed to muscle. Unpleasant body shapes were gone.

Seeing the result, it reinforced and motivated me even more. Gradually, I added jogging in the park. By the way, I must say, I ran at 6 in the morning. While my husband was still at home and did not go to work. For 4 months I really got into shape. The goal was achieved. It was not a shame to put on a swimsuit, but I was proud of myself!

In Bulgaria, I also continued to study. I ran on the beach in the morning, squats, do push-ups, pumped abs, etc. I had no dumbbells, no fitness rubber bands, no other equipment at that time. I did all the exercises in a multi-repetition mode and with my own weight. It is now, after 4 years, I have been consistently practicing in the gym, completed several courses in different directions (instructor of group programs and gym instructor, instructor of the Body Balance program Less Mils), I work in one of the best premium fitness clubs, and of course I know how to count proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

And then, I just really wanted to feel confident on the beach in a swimsuit. Just lose weight and tighten up. The fear of becoming a fat housewife did not give me the thought to quit everything and relax.

I was helped by the Internet and a strong desire to change myself. Ultimately, fitness became a way of life and a favorite job.

You just need to find motivation for yourself and start acting.

The easiest option is to buy a subscription to a fitness club, take at least a few personal sessions with a trainer. Let the trainer explain the exercise technique to you. Will give the necessary information and direct. Now fitness is so popular, and there are so many sports clubs that you can choose for yourself what suits you specifically in terms of price and taste.

If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to go to the club and train personally with a coach, just start doing something. Let it be exercises in the morning, light jogging or gymnastics in the afternoon. Push up, stand on the bar, jump rope, pull yourself up on the horizontal bar. You can practice online at home. You can find a specialist, and he will make you a training and nutrition program. The main thing is any physical activity.

Start 20 minutes a day, and gradually increase the load. Try to find for yourself what you like. Let it bring positive emotions. And then you will want to move forward in that direction. There will be motivation and information, and people who will help you with this!

In my future articles, I will definitely share my expert opinion on health and sports. With my colleagues, we will talk about diets and proper nutrition, at different stages of your workouts.


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