The property. Investment and business. Today the guest of our editorial office is Yaroslav Putilov. An expert in this field. He gladly told us about his business and shared his plans for the future.

Good afternoon, Yaroslav. Tell us a little about your company.

Putilov Group is a comprehensive approach to real estate. From the selection of an object (apartment / room / country house / site), to construction, renovation, design, approvals, business promotion (when it comes to commerce), pre-sale preparation (Apartments).

Why Putilov?

My great-grandmother, from girlhood (Putilova), told me about our family and what they did for people. I made it my mission to continue their business, and decided to promote the Putilov brand by becoming a global company. We are represented not only in Russian cities, but also abroad. After all, the brand is not only related to real estate, we touch on different areas of business.

Investment in real estate, what influenced this choice?

From the age of 21 I helped invest in various businesses, including real estate, there were cases, buying a basement that no one needed at first glance, and putting it in order, it paid off in 2.5 years, was still in the hotel business, took the Premises in Rent for 50 thousand rubles, put in order, it brought 200 thousand rubles of profit per month. Then the objects grew, investments also, now I am mainly engaged in large-scale commercial real estate, the sale of building spots, and cottage settlements.

What is your mission and what goals do you pursue?

I have always prioritized customer focus, I believe that I directly affect the economy, the income of clients, because well-chosen Premises affect the growth of the business, the possibility of making a profit, hiring employees, their profits, as well as the right housing, whether it is an Apartment, or house, affects the emotional state, the level of comfort, the happiness of a person, I have always said that with the help of real estate you can change a person’s life, for the better, making more out of less.

I’ll tell you one story:

After the army, in 2009, my friend turned to me with a request, he and his family invested in a long-term construction in Moscow (a residential building was built on the IZhS site, a priori it can never be connected to the networks, at most it will be demolished, or it will remain a ghost house), and for all that he and his mother and sister had, they bought a room in a communal 8-room Apartment, about 15 m2

At that moment, I worked as an assistant lawyer in civil cases, and we were engaged in residential and suburban real estate, having come up with a certain scheme, and using the skills of a builder designer)) divided the room into two rooms) and gave each of the buyers a share, 1-2m2, already I don’t remember the exact numbers, we sold the rest to them as shares under the preemptive right to purchase, in the end, with this money they bought a 2-room apartment in the suburbs, Pos. Rahya, and my friend began a new life, without alcoholic neighbors, noise in the city center, and in the fresh air in his own Apartment. Which I am very happy about.

There is also an example of commercial premises, when, given the right location, the business not only grew, but also scaled, turning to our company for new premises.

At the moment, many are experiencing inconvenience due to COVID-19, has this affected your business?

Undoubtedly, it was reflected, but more so that the Buyers thought that now everything would be sold for a pittance, and the owners decided to wait and not sell anything, this is with regard to commercial real estate, but since I have different directions, there was a huge demand for cottage villages, and we only had time to show land plots, on average there were 6-15 views per day, we had to simultaneously lead groups of up to 20 people.

Have you been involved in charity work?

I chose two directions for myself, at the age of 24, from oncology I had to bury my mother, my beloved grandfather, and my mentor (lawyer) in a month.After that, I decided to help prevent this disease by supporting several projects.

The second direction is Children’s, since I am a teacher and educator in one of the educations and professions, I help children’s centers, educational centers, including giving lectures and acting as a mentor.

— What motivates you?

I give more than I accept, lately I have been receiving gratitude, gifts from people, honestly sometimes I don’t know how to react, I’m used to giving, not receiving, saying pleasant words rather than hearing them addressed to myself, it’s very pleasant, but not familiar.

The most irreparable benefit that I can give to people, city, country, world motivates me.

Previously, I considered my kindness to be a weakness, but now I can say with 100% certainty that this is my strength, there are many people dissatisfied with the life of people who condemn more successful, beautiful, intelligent people, but I firmly decided to change this world for the better, and of course I started with myself , because if you are not filled, not happy, not full of love and wealth, how can you help others? My motivation is to make people around me happy and rejoice at their success in all areas of life.

We have received information about the expansion of your business, if it’s not a secret, what are your plans for the future?

There are many directions in my business. Recently, business aviation, fitness, production, fashion and media industries have been added.

There are plans to scale up the Putilov loft project in St. Petersburg and other cities. In our time, speed and flexibility are important, realities change every day, and only those who move and adapt will survive in our time.

— You are a resident of the 500 club, can you tell us a little about the club?

This is a closed club of market leaders in their fields, among 500 participants, 80 companies with billions of dollars in turnover, we are united by values, a desire to help and support each other, we have a strong leader Dmitry Portnyagin, a cool entrepreneur, I remember about 8 of his businesses, now I don’t know how much, an exemplary family man, father, a person who took responsibility for the family, environment. I am very grateful to be accepted into a powerful community. We build businesses together, do charity work, help each other by solving any problems, we have a rest, it’s like a family, a different world.

Конечно, нам завидуют, говоря что-то за спиной, но самое забавное, я однажды спросил одного из завистников «а ты знаешь кого-то лично?», его ответ был что кто-то, что-то сказал

To which I answer «the grandmas at the entrance also say a lot of things«

— Do you have a desire to try yourself in another area of business?

I constantly try myself in different areas, but always with the aim of strengthening the main company, the Putilov Group company.

What can you wish the magazine and our readers?

Of course, prosperity, global proportions, interesting experts, gorgeous girls on the covers, because they give us Beauty and motivation to reach all the heights.

And readers, of course, gratitude for their attention, and wishes for all the best, real, joyful, smile more with your eyes, and the world will be kind and beautiful around.

From our editorial office, we also want to wish Yaroslav success in his endeavors, growth and expansion of his business.


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