The awesome girl truly loves the idiot. We could now talk about the reasons why these girls pay attention to assholes, but I want to talk about where these assholes come from.

Let’s get started

A middle-aged man with a history of divorce, a child, a failed career, an incomprehensible relationship with a good girl whom he does not love, does not accept, or simply does not want. In a word, neurotic.

Most often, men who have an authoritarian, aggressive mother become neurotic. In psychology, they are called «cold mother». She did not pay attention to her son, ignored his existence, took care of him out of necessity. In childhood, such a man lacked warmth, attention, he could even be under the pressure of his mother, afraid of her.

From the history

After the war, in order to survive and raise children, women were forced to be like that. The first generation of neurotics grew up. Girls married such people, parted, then, in the difficult Soviet times, they single-handedly raised the second generation of neurotics. Then there were even more difficult and aggressive nineties, and now the next generation of neurotics has grown up, sows its sperm all over the planet and disappears into the sunset. When the son of an authoritarian woman grows up, he desires a cold, bitchy woman. He suffers from jealousy, constantly finds out his relationship with her, feels flawed. And when children are born in a family, he is jealous of her and children.

A loving girl, warm, sweet will not turn him on

And if it happens that he marries a «good girl», he will look for a bitchy mistress, forcing the good girl to become bitter and become a bitch.

The tragedy of these people is that they never get from relationships and love — neither pleasure nor happiness. Love for them is sheer self-pity, because all their life, being in a childhood trauma associated with the absence of a mother, they will act out this scenario over and over …

What can we do about it?

  • Love yourself
  • Love your sons

Maybe our daughters don’t have to become bitches to be loved by neurotics.


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