What we know about sex is definitely an activity that can bring a lot of pleasure. But let’s try to look at it from an unusual angle, from the point of view of science. We tried to collect some interesting facts that you might not know about.

As it turned out, the «G» point is not only a female counter. Now many are discussing this topic, describing the highest pleasure that a female can receive with competent stimulation of this area. But back to the stronger sex, you shouldn’t be surprised, but we also have this button, in the area below the bladder. And according to researchers in the right hands, this area is capable of multiplying your sexual emotions.

Yes, it is no longer a secret that females are more likely to think about sex. The stereotype of a modest, quiet, clever girl who cannot afford free thoughts has long since died. Recent polls were able to show that the weaker sex thinks about sex more often and, as an addition, expresses a desire to have it in his life as much as possible. Research has shown that approximately 53% of girls admitted that they do not have sex as often as they want, while 75% of the girls surveyed said that they have sex at least 3 times a week.

A little about orgasm, but this phenomenon is not common. Moreover, so much has been written and said on this topic that they no longer doubt this fact and consider it normal. And orgasm is considered by many to be an achievement, especially for women. Considering the fact that 70% of males experience orgasm in bed, as for females, this pleasure is available only to 30%.

A female ferret can die if she does not have sex for a year.

You may not know, but sex can enhance memory, but unfortunately only in women. Recent studies have shown that an active sex life helps women memorize not only words but also whole phrases. A similar effect is associated with an increase in blood flow to the brain’s hippocampus. A similar effect can be achieved with aerobic exercise, but in bed, agree more pleasantly.

Spermabolides, do not laugh in reality, sperm are really very fast. Perhaps the seminal fluid looks motionless, but as soon as it is in the body of the female, the sperm begin their race. From these studies, semen is capable of speeds up to 5mm / min and, when viewed on a scale, is equivalent to the speed of a swimming salmon.

Now let’s talk about sizes. In fact, females, whose partners have an average penis size, tend to be larger, only a marketing ploy designed to increase sales of various drugs and exercise equipment. Studies have already shown that in men with a large size, their wives are cheated more often, and because of the pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Interestingly, there is a myth that oral sex can lengthen the penis. That at least it might seem so to men. According to surveys, those men who are given a blow job every day are able to assess the size of their penis as large, in contrast to the real size.

The body of a healthy man is capable of producing so much sperm in two weeks that it would be enough to fertilize all women on earth.

Unusual aphrodisiacs. Probably everyone has already heard about strawberries and oysters as aphrodisiacs, but ordinary apples can be just as good. From 2014 research data, it has been proven that women who consume apples more than 1 time per day report improved sexual function and permanent attraction to a partner.

Ovulation as a means of attraction. It is worth noting that women are subconsciously attracted to the stronger sex during ovulation. The researchers were pushed to this idea by dancers from closed clubs. It turns out that these days they are getting larger tips from customers.

And finally, a novelty from the world of sexual practice, namely about cotton socks. Yes, socks can make your sex better. You can laugh, but socks are a great way to orgasm. A similar, interesting fact is confirmed by studies that have found out that it is easier to reach climax and a point of pleasure with warm feet.


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