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If you want to learn to think positively, start small: remove from your life the things that upset you or cause negative emotions. For example, stop watching television programs about celebrities or soap operas. These shows rarely focus on positive events. As a result, you will have free time that needs to be filled with watching funny movies, listening to good music, and meeting new people. You can overcome negative thinking if you don’t feed it.

Surely you are familiar with the situation when you were really hungry, but then you realized that you are really thirsty. By the same principle, one can understand the true reason for negative thinking. Perhaps, in fact, you suffer from a lack of understanding with your mother and are sad after every unsuccessful conversation or quarrel. Then, being in a bad mood, you negatively color all the events in your life.

As I recommend reasoning, ask yourself a question:

What are the benefits of failure?

Do not be lazy, take a pen, paper, write down.
Over time, you will learn to find positive sides in seemingly completely negative situations.
Which will help you avoid negative thinking:

  • Active sports will help to throw out repressed aggression and negative emotions.
  • Yoga promotes deep relaxation and healing of the body. Any physical exercise gives us a good mood and a boost of vitality. Try to be more often in nature, in the fresh air.
  • Contemplation of flowing water, the feeling of a warm breeze and the sounds of birds singing heal the soul no worse than psychotherapy.
  • Try to combine nature walks with deep, relaxed breathing.
  • Can be symbolically dispelled in the wind. If you were sincere with yourself, after such an exercise you will feel freedom and lightness.

This will be a way to get rid of negative thinking. If you are worried about something — do it to the maximum!


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