We always strive for more: faster, higher, stronger, more expensive … But it is impossible to survive in this race. Especially if you are a woman, wife, wash, hostess … And now, analyzing the day, year, life, we scold ourselves for mistakes, for the fact that we are not enough in everything: not smart enough, beautiful, successful … Well, at least in self-criticism we have learned to succeed. We easily turn it into self-flagellation and get a guaranteed result: depression and a decrease in personal effectiveness.

Well, so-so.

The only way out is to learn to empathize with yourself. And also — to learn to distinguish empathy from pity.

Things to think about:

That was hard

We are so in love with success that we are not ready to accept any results other than the ones we set our sights on. At the same time, we forget about the daily, complex tasks with which we are quite successful in coping. We are limited in time and resources, we cannot do everything, or do everything perfectly.


We are used to comparing ourselves to more successful people. At the same time, we forget that everyone has different initial data, living conditions, and different life experiences. Don’t compare yourself to other people. We don’t know how those other people really are. Compare yourself today with yourself yesterday.


People who are prone to harsh self-criticism do not believe in luck. They take responsibility for both success and failure. But not everything depends on us, alas. The luck factor exists. By denying this, people are robbing themselves of accidental success.

Our value

Achievement, status, level of wealth … This is only a part of you. Remember why you were loved as a child. Is it for status or achievements? You are valuable on your own. At any age, with any level of income.

This too shall pass

Nothing is eternal. Any black streak will end sooner or later. But the more you desire it, the more power it has. Accept your life as it is. Every hour of hers. Perhaps you just need to rest. Trite, but true.


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