People in our country do not quite understand who psychologists are and what therapy is. Most likely you will be surprised, but …

There will be no ready-made instructions on how to live properly. Our task is to direct the person in the right direction with questions, discussions, exercises, support. We do not provide templates and scripts according to which a person will happily go towards a happy and cloudless life.

It is the patient who leads the therapy. He determines what to work with, what to discuss, which problem is more urgent. It will be awkward at first. You will want to shift responsibility for your life to a psychologist. But then you get involved.

What is good and what is bad, the father will tell the baby-son. And the psychologist won’t tell. It will take time to realize that there are no good and bad emotions. You need to learn to think in terms of «acceptable», and learn the magic mantra — «that’s okay.»
I am angry and resentful because I am alive and have the right to these emotions — this is normal.

There will be no exact timing of therapy and the number of consultations. We are not machines. There will be no deadlines. Every person is unique. His feelings and emotions are unique. The timing is influenced by many factors. Including — the attitude and willingness to work between consultations.

Moreover, psychologists are not universal. Not necessarily YOUR psychologist will be found from the first meeting. You may not work well. There is nothing wrong with that. If you are not comfortable with a psychologist, but simply don’t like his smell, look for another. Nobody will be offended by you.

Although, even with your psychologist it will not always be comfortable. Sometimes, in the course of a consultation about oneself, such things are revealed that one is amazed — and this is not always very pleasant. After all, the position “all of you are fools and do not get treatment, but I am alone in a white coat stand beautiful” is always much easier, and to cultivate internal responsibility for yourself is still something to try.


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