How often do we have to visit stores — salons for adults. I am sure there will be constant customers of such establishments, as well as those who constantly pass by, embarrassedly turning their heads away. Let’s try to understand a little about the numerous assortment of goods offered by these stores.

For many couples living together for a long time, sex life becomes boring over the years and requires renewal and reboot. From this moment on, there is a need for a variety of their intimate life with various experiments and games. Whether it is worth waiting for such a crisis or going to the store today, this decision is yours, but is it worth it to deny yourself the pleasure!

Whether or not to use toys is an individual matter for the couple.

In a modern adult salon, a huge assortment of various goods and toys is indeed provided. If you come to the store for the first time, then you may get a little confused. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at this assortment.


The whole point of this device follows from its name. A toy displaying a phallic shape. As a rule, they do not provide vibration and pulsation functions. Can be used for vaginal and anal stimulation. Also in the design of the dildo may be present the ability to stimulate the «G» point and the clitoris.

There are models that are realistically similar to a penis, but there are also made in a very futuristic form, which, in principle, does not affect their functionality.


Vibrators are a whole family that allows you to reach the point of pleasure through vibrations while stimulating sensitive areas. Modern models have many modes, the ability to change shape, react to ambient sound and, of course, control using your smartphone.

  • Vibration bullets are small toys with the possibility of both independent use and placement in some models of dildos and butt plugs.
  • Pulsators are the closest relatives of vibrators. These devices are capable of creating pulsations that simulate the movement of a real partner.

Anal beads

This toy is usually preferred by beginners in their quest for exotic sensations. The sphincter is a sensitive area in the body that can give a girl an unforgettable experience when properly stimulated.

This device has many shapes and options, as well as materials of manufacture. In all this variety, the choice is naturally yours.

Butt plugs

This item is intended for the same entertainment as anal beads, but with a different principle of action. They are divided into several types in the form of bushings and plugs.

The first in our time can be found quite often, even when watching films. Most often, in this version, the cork is decorated with a tail or rhinestones. As a result, it looks very sexy, but the size in such a design is usually very limited.

Expandable plugs are another matter entirely. They have the ability to easily penetrate, but with the help of a pumping bulb, the size of the sphincter is adjusted to your preference. Yes, this device is already for true connoisseurs.

Toys help to enjoy sex and promote sexuality in partners.

And this is certainly not all. It takes a very long time to talk about the huge assortment of goods that can be found in a good store — salon for adults. One article is not enough for this. But we will return to this topic more than once in this section of the journal. And, we recommend that you visit such an institution, usually in a good salon you can meet professional consultants, and they will tell you about the goods and help you with the choice.

Do not be shy about restrictions, fantasize, play and have fun. We came to this world for love.


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