Russian Federation
St. Petersburg
January 2021

Amanda Green

The morning was wonderful. Hi, my name is Amanda Green. Let me tell you a little about myself. A cheerful girl, originally from St. Petersburg, I adore noisy companies and positive in everything. I love traveling and new emotions.

From childhood I loved to dance and I am very glad that my parents encouraged me in this, but I am a professional dancer and you can often meet me at various club venues in the city. I also tried to sing, but something didn’t work out. At school age, I was still that mischievous woman, for which I often got it from teachers and parents, now I use all my energy in dancing. Received a higher education in economics.

The decision to shoot for the magazine «KRESTYANOV» was primarily to try myself as a model. I think that everyone should not be afraid to try themselves in something new and interesting.

Why exactly «KRESTYANOV», I liked the idea and the novelty of this particular domestic project, well, secretly, I love bears since childhood. The shooting was a lot of fun, in a completely positive mode, as a result, I got a new experience. Great mood and beautiful photos were a good addition. Already now I plan to repeat this experience and give readers a little more of my beauty. Stay with KRESTYANOV magazine.

Favorite movie

I love films of the 90s very much. Seriously, in some places they are really interesting and in some places naive, but alive. There is no such mass of computer graphics and you can really see the work of the entire film crew. But I also like to watch modern cinema.

The favorite music

I love any music that can set me in motion and set the rhythm for the dance. But also in everyday life I love to listen to calm and melodic tracks with a glass of good red wine. I guess I’m still a little romantic at heart.

Amanda Green


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