Russian Federation
St. Petersburg
May 2021

Eleanor Rigby

Hello everyone! I’m Eleanor Rigby, a girl who loved The Beatles since high school.

I am originally from St. Petersburg. At school and university, she was always a quiet and exemplary girl, she studied with only A’s. Since childhood, she was a very romantic nature, for some time she dreamed of becoming an archaeologist, then a writer. My favorite pastime during my school years was writing stories and a novel. Later I was fascinated by history and art, at the moment I work in the field of contemporary art. In the last two years I have taken a great interest in photography, began to try myself as a model and a filming organizer. I love everything unusual and bright!

To shoot for Krestyanov magazine was the desire to look at myself from a new angle, to be a so-called «bad girl», because right now I began to really reveal myself as a woman.

Favorite movie

I love old films, mostly comedies. At the university I defended my diploma about Chaplin with excellent marks, so the world of cinema is very close to me. I try to follow the modern development of cinematography, I regularly go to the cinema and read articles about various directors.

The favorite music

My dad instilled good musical taste in me as a child. I remember she had the best technique at that time and a whole collection of tape cassettes. We listened to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen and many other legendary bands, mostly British. Of modern music, I prefer indie rock with bands like The Killers.



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