Sitting on a dating site, this is what I noticed. Well, the fact that most people are looking for sex without obligation is understandable. However, there is a layer of men who convince themselves and try to convince women that they are looking for a serious relationship. At the same time, what is important, they honestly admit that they are chronic workaholics. This is usually found out in correspondence, sometimes — when we meet. Some have it written right in the questionnaire. Like, I’m looking for a life partner who can’t stand the brain (this item is indicated by every second), with whom we will warm each other every night in bed, I work a lot, I come home late. In this case, the purpose of being on the site is: «serious relationship» Probably, he is just a god of sex, since he believes that a woman will agree to a «serious relationship» with someone whom she will only see at night.

There are also honest guys who immediately talk about their intentions, not throwing dust in their eyes about the «free relationship». Like, let’s meet at the hotel, have a coffee; if we like each other, we will go up to the room without further ado. Does anyone agree ?! Maybe newcomers who have nowhere to sleep? No, well, seriously. Man, what can you show me in sex that I haven’t seen yet? By God, it’s really interesting. Should I go. Maybe I’ll come out of there, bent over with the words «Oh, this is what sex is. They didn’t write about it in books.»

From this topic, you can smoothly turn into the topic of avoiding true intimacy and affection. But I won’t. I originally wanted to say something about something else.

About women with low self-esteem:

  • Women, whose heart and bosom can be opened with magic words: «Beauty, I like you.» It is possible without a comma, a soft sign and with a Georgian accent.
  • Women who agree to anyone. Lame, poor, married — it will come in handy on the farm.
  • Women who are ready to take the name of everyone who has an erection on them.

A guy once wrote: «You want too much.» Where I stood, I sat down there, by God. Huyase, Wanga, I think. He doesn’t know me, but I’m absolutely sure that I don’t deserve my desires. To say «you want too much» to a woman who is aware of her needs and values and is not ready to rush at everyone who likes her.

Here it is, Mikhalych.

Therefore, you need to be easier. Give a blowjob to everyone who likes it. To go up to the room with everyone who treated us to coffee. Giving wet panties to everyone who said hello beautiful.

And I, you see, am breaking down. And you have to bend. Gracefully. With a nice deflection.

Eh, old ladies. These dark times will pass when the presence of the shadow of a peasant in his personal life will be the criterion of a woman’s solvency. When women will agree to anyone just not to be alone. When an erection is considered a compliment, and boobs and face are a shop window where you can buy sex for a cup of coffee.


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